In the scope of this project, it is planned to build several prototypes that can be capable of providing 3D vision to single and multiple users. Prototype for multiple users will be able to provide different views from different viewing angles. For the purpose that is stated in the last sentence, a structure that can create high numbers of voxel is a necessity. In this project it is planned to use Pico Projectors that are based on MEMS based laser scanners, these Pico Projectors will be aligned in a certain configuration to be able to create enough number of voxel.

Unique points of this proposed project can be listed and summarized as in below:

• A device that can provide different auto-stereoscopic views from different viewing angles to a single user or multiple users is proposed and it is applicable to many applications such as TV and its equivalents.
• With the help of laser projection, final image is clear in every viewing zone and fact that pixels on air are close to the same dimensions on the transfer screen will enhance the 3D vision.
• When compared with the existing technologies, the proposed way have higher number of multiple views, higher resolution and the system can be scalable to larger sizes.
• With the help of laser projection, it is possible to achieve higher number of colors (Bigger color gamut).
• With the help of laser projection, the system will be compact mechanical wise and more simplified when compared to liquid crystal display systems
• At the end of the project, the proposed hardware will be able to provide big number of different applications and it will be tested for different purposes.

Project data
Funding: The Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey

Project period: 01-04-2012 – …