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Review Paper of MEMS Laser Scanners Published in JMEMS

A paper entitled “MEMS Laser Scanners: A Review” was recently published in Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems (JMEMS). The paper is a summary of the last twenty years or so of development of miniaturized laser scanners, with focus on display applications. Since Professor Hakan Urey has made important contributions to the field through most of its history and that OML has much experience with on all major types of MEMS scanners it made sense for us to contribute the first comprehensive review on the topic.

The authors are S.T.S. Holmstrom, U. Baran, and Prof. Hakan Urey. The paper can be found here.

Three JMEMS papers so far for OML in 2012

Resonant PZT MEMS Scanner for High-Resolution Displays by Baran et. al was recently published up on the webpage of Journal of Electromechanical Systems (JMEMS). The paper describes a piezoelectrically actuated resonant scanner for display applications done in collaboration between our lab and Microvision Inc and is a large step towards a scanner working at ambient for high definition mobile laser projection. Two other papers have already earlier this year been published in JMEMS.

Also in collaboration with Microvision Inc. was the in-plane rotary stage presented in Linear-Stiffness Rotary MEMS Stage (Baran et. al), which was published as a JMEMS letter.

During the spring the European Union FP7 MEMFIS project to create an ultrasmall IR FTIR spectrometer was successfully concluded. Lamellar-Grating-Based MEMS Fourier Transform Spectrometer by Seren et. al describes the lamellar grating based MEMS device and our bench-top IR spectrometer setup.